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Full-service tax preparation, legal representation, follow-up, and examination defense for a flat-fee.

Who Benefits from Expatriation?

High-Income Earners who would Benefit from No US Tax Liabiity.

Entrepreneurs with No Permanent Establishment in the United States.

Long-Term Residents who are Over 8 Years and Considered “Long-Term Residents.”

Permanent Residents Approaching the 8-Year LTR Mark and want to Pull the Cord.

US Taxpayers Expecting a Financial Windfall and want to Avoid US Tax.

Puerto Rico Act 60 (Formerly 20 and 22) US Expatriation Alternative.

Six Types of Taxpayers Who Benefit the Most From Expatriation

Expatriation Exit Tax

When You are Ready to Leave the United States, We Help You Every Step of the Way

Have you Developed Your Tax, Employment, Business and Investment Strategy?

Establishing second Citizenship

Do you have a Second Citizenship? If so, you are already one step ahead of the game. If not, assess your Golden Visa Options.

develop a multi-level tax strategy

Once you relinquish your Permanent Residence or Renounce your Citizenship, what will be your employment, business and investment strategy?

Evaluate Your Net Worth & Tax Liability

Are you Potentially Subject to becoming a Covered Expatriate and Exit Tax? Evaluate your options for Avoiding or Minimizing Your Exit Tax.

complete the US expatriation process

We work with you every step of the way to prepare all the necessary U.S. Tax, USCIS and Department of State paperwork to complete the Expatriation Process.

Common Myths about Covered Expatriates, Expatriation, and Exit Tax

Second Citizenship vs Expatriation

Just obtaining a second passport is not the same as expatriation, and may even worsen your tax situation.

golden visa means expatriates pay no tax

Golden Visa Programs are not all the same. And, just getting the Golden Visa alone does not mean Expatriates Escape Tax.

permanent residents cannot be “covered”

Several years ago, the US Government expanded the definition of expatriates to include certain Long-Term Residents

wealth determines expatriation and exit tax

While being HNW may make an expatriate “covered,” that alone does not equate to exit tax, since it is not a “wealth tax” per se.

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