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Are You Ready to Become a Global Citizen?

When a U.S. Citizen wants to obtain second citizenship or residency, there are many factors to consider. The strength of the passport, income tax rules and ability to acclimate financially and lifestyle-wise are all important considerations.

Want to Give Up U.S. Citizenship or a Green Card?

U.S. persons seeking to formally expatriate from the United States have several reporting requirements to contend with, including Form 8854, dual status tax returns, exit tax and covered expatriate status. 

Are You A Covered Expatriate with Exit Tax Worries?

When a U.S. Citizen or Long-Term Lawful Permanent Resident wants to give up their U.S. status, there are potential tax implications. The formal process is referred to as Expatriation. Covered Expatriates may be subject to Exit Taxes. Planning may help to reduce or eliminate exit taxes.

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Common Myths about Expats and Expatriation

Expats do not pay us tax

Even if a U.S. person resides full-time overseas, they are still subject to IRS taxes on worldwide income and global account & asset reporting.

exit tax is a wealth tax

The exit tax is not a wealth tax. A person may have to pay an exit tax even if they are not considered ‘high-net-worth.’

expatriation is only for citizens

Several years ago, the US Government expanded the definition of expatriates to include certain Long-Term Residents

the irs cannot reach overseas

The IRS has entered into FATCA and other agreements with over 100 countries and may deny passports, levy accounts or seek a writ.

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