Contents1 How to Expatriate2 How to Expatriate from the U.S.3 Planning for Expatriation (Step 1)4 Do […]
Contents1 Hiding Foreign Assets at Expatriation (U.S. v Tinkov)2 U.S. v. Oleg Tinkov (Case: CR 19 […]
Contents1 Sailing Permit & IRS Filing Requirements2 Certificate of Compliance IRS Sailing Permit3 IRS Form 1040-C4 […]
Contents1 Long-Term Resident for Expatriation2 Who is a Long-Term Resident?3 What is a Lawful Permanent Resident?4 […]
Contents1 DS-4083: What is a Certificate of Loss of Nationality?2 What is a Certificate of Loss […]
Contents1 Exit Tax on Investments2 Examples of Common Investments & Exit Tax3 Interested in Expatriation from […]
Contents1 Surrender Green Card & US Tax2 Green Card Lapse vs Voluntary Abandonment3 Surrender Green Card […]
Notice 2009-85: Deferred Compensation  Deferred Compensation Items & Notice 2009-85 at Expatriation: When a U.S. Person […]
Contents1 Pre-Expatriation 5-Year Tax Compliance2 IRC 877(a)(2)(C) Tax Compliance for 5-Years3  5-Year Tax Compliance4 Common International […]
Contents1 26 US Code 877 & Expatriation to Avoid Tax2 26 U.S. Code 8773 Interested in […]