Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment: When it comes to the Golden Visa Programs, the Montenegro Citizen by Investment Program is one of the newest available — and may be a great opportunity for US Expatriates. One of the main reasons why the Montenegro Golden Visa is so alluring is because the citizenship track is relatively quick — and Montenegro hopes to accede of the EU — which will significantly enhance the country’s allure to expatriates seeking economic and investment opportunities. The program is in its infancy stages, and so it may be a good chance to get in early — especially since some programs may be ending. In addition, other programs such as the Portugal Golden are limiting opportunities — including requiring investors to seek properties outside of the coastal areas and away from Lisbon.

Streamlined Process for Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Passport

One significant benefit to the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment visa is that by becoming a citizen, a person is entitled to a passport — and this entire process can be completed relatively quickly and generally within three-to-six months.

Benefits to a Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Passport

In general, as a Golden Visa Program becomes more popular, the investment requirements increase — and the availability of premium properties becomes more difficult. What makes the Montenegro Golden visa a great investment is that it is still in the early stages — and there will be more availability for premium properties — before its popularity has catches on.

It should be noted that the program only accepts a limited number of applications.

Here are some of the key benefits to obtaining the Montenegro citizenship by investment.

No Residency Requirement

Similar to several other Golden Visa Programs, obtaining CBI does not require the investment visa holder to reside in the country.

No Language Requirement

An applicant does not need to prove any knowledge in order to be granted approval of an investment visa application.

Low Corporate Tax Rate 

Montenegro has a relatively low tax rate for corporate earnings come in which there is a flat tax of only 9%. Compared to several other countries, this is a very  low corporate tax rates available.

Limited Investment Required

Unlike some of the other Golden Visa Programs, there is only a limited investment required in order to qualify for citizenship. 

Schengen Area

While Montenegro is not part of the Schengen Area, some travel access is available.

Is Montenegro Worth the Golden Visa Gamble?

Probably, Yes. While there are more established programs available, the Montenegro option can be very alluring. The investment is (relatively) small as compared to other countries and there are still coastal properties available.  It provides to access throughout the Schengen Area, and Montenegro is in queue to become a member of the EU.

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